Latest technologies to go after when buying a new Computer

Latest technologies to go after when buying a new Computer

Looking for a new computer, but don’t know which one is the right one for you? 

Well, I don’t blame you for getting confused, it is a sea of immense possibilities there and different price points.

Constant evolution in the tech industry gives all of us a hard time deciding. The innovation never stops so which are the most important features to look for when buying a new desktop or laptop whether you are a gamer, student, or freelancer?

If you are in the look for a laptop that will suit your student needs, this laptop category might fulfill your needs. Or if you are freelancer you can check here for the best laptops for freelancers.

The Processor- CPU

Whatever your personal preference is, a desktop or a laptop, the first thing to check is the processor. The processor is an important piece to make decisions on because they are responsible for every action you take on your computer. For example, the more apps you keep open the slower the data is being computed.

Processors are released in ‘generations’, so the latest the generation of a processor is, the faster your computer will run. The celebrities in the processor game are Intel and AMD. 

Intel Core  i9 is the latest processor from intel which is well known for its fast processors but lately, intel has had some serious competition from AMD with their Ryzen Threadripper 2970WX.

The more cores the processor has the better and faster it is so make sure to check for the generation and how many cores it has.

RAM (Random Access Memory)

RAM is a small tool that helps your computer memorize the content on your already open apps, so you can go back and forth without reloading each time. The least you can look for is a 4Gb ram if you are on a budget but the ideal is 8Gb of RAM. If you are able to overcome your budget then go for 16GB of ram. The highest the RAM  the more the price increases. 

ROM (Read-only memory)

HDD vs SSD, these are our fighters. Older laptops proceed with a mechanical hard drive (HDD) while the latest and 300% fastest technology is called SSD (solid-state drives). An SSD takes your computer experience to a whole new level with increasingly fast load times. While HDD computers might be cheaper than SSD ones, the efficiency of an SSD it’s worth every penny. 

Battery life

Who wants to run around with a charger on their hand or backpack? No one, so the next thing to look for when buying a new computer is battery life. +9 hour battery life is ideal if you plan to take your laptop to school, work, or anywhere life takes you and your laptop. 

Right size

The display size varies from 11 inches to 18 inches. The bigger the display, the heavier your laptop will be but if you are into desktops, the bigger the screen the better your eye comfort will be especially if you are a gamer and play high-end games. 


Depending on what you will be using your computer for, ranges the price. If you want a computer to search on the web, send emails, or even do online school, an affordable computer will work like a charm to run everyday tasks. 

If your work relies upon your computer then you need to prepare your wallet because the price will be hefty  Keep in mind though you are paying for top-notch tools and the speed, performance, features, and user experience makes it worth every penny.

Mac or Windows operating system?

The forever “war” and the most confusing question is to go for a macOS or a Windows operating system
The flagship Apple computers come only with a macOS system installed, whereas every other laptop brand there comes with either a Windows system or one similar to it (Xiaomi’s are the only ones that have their own system)

 Usually, it is a personal preference but which one fulfills your needs, and if you are not familiar with both brands? Let’s take a look at what each offers.


Apple has its own operating system which is the first thing to notice. A unique graphic design from outside and inside the operating system too. macOS is designed to operate only on Apple mac computers. As we know Apple has a large software range like iOS on iPhone and iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV. The best thing about owning several apple devices is the top-grade synchronization between them. Think about this, you put your iPhone down and you still can message, call, takes notes, or read the book you left in half from your MacBook., you may use a Mac to run your everyday tasks, either for school purposes or work-related.

There are a few Mac models you can choose from, like:

MacBook Pro


MacBook Air


Windows, unlike Mac,  is an operating system that runs in a wider range of models and prices too.

Windows has its own laptop, Surface but the operating system is offered for other top-notch brands to like:

Dell Latitude

Dell Latitude e6430









Confused right?

I know all this info can be confusing so we are going to try and make it easier for you guys.

If you are a gamer we would suggest going for Desktop computers, in comparison to laptops the screen is bigger and you will enjoy your favorite game to its full extent.
While students tend to move around a lot, they need their computers most of the time whether it to study in a library, coffee shop or even meet with friends for a group project your needs would be fulfilled with a laptop.
For freelancers their office can be anywhere in the world and since their computer is crucial if not the most important tool they use. We would suggest going with a laptop, they are easy to carry around and if the price is not a problem for you can get some pretty powerful laptops that would definitely make your life and work easier.

Choosing the right computer can be difficult and at times confusing so before you make a decision think about your most important needs, define your budget and then go into the search.

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