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Additional Advertisement Options

Advertisers can add additional options in order make their ads more visible.

  • Gallery - Your ad is displayed in the Gallery section located on the right side of the search page. The Gallery displays 3 ads at a time, randomly rotating the ads that are relevant to the search criteria. Price: 90 MKD + 18% VAT
  • Logo Mark – Your company’s logo is displayed on the right side on the ad space in the search pages. This option is available for companies only. Price: 90 MKD + 18% VAT
  • Special Labeling - Your ad is highlighted with a yellow background in the search pages which makes it stand out from the competition. Price: 90 MKD + 18% VAT
  • Top Positioning - Your ad is displayed among the top in related search results. Five randomly selected ads that are related to the search criteria are displayed in top position of every page. Price: 160 MKD + 18% VAT
  • Automatic Renewal - Your ad is automatically renewed every 3 day (six times) over a period of 18 days. Price: 160 MKD + 18% VAT
  • Receive SMS Notifications - You no longer need to check your mailbox all the time in anticipation of new messages. Notification of new replies to your ad will come to you via SMS. SMS Notification will be sent only for new answers. Price: 90 MKD + 18% VAT for two weeks.
  • Exclusive Advertisement (Private Advertisers): Gallery + Special Labeling + Automatic Renewal + Top Positioning + SMS Notifications. Price: 472 MKD + 18% VAT
  • Exclusive Advertisement (Companies): Gallery + Logo Mark + Special Labeling + Automatic Renewal + Top Positioning + SMS Notifications. Price: 544 MKD + 18% VAT

Payment Methods

Payment can be made using a payment card or through bank transaction.

The Procedure for Paying with Your Credit Card:

When you choose to pay by credit card, you are required to fill out your card’s number, expiration date and CVC2/CVV2 number (the last 3 digits on the back of the card). Security regarding credit card transactions on MerrJep is handled by the Halkbank AD system which uses the latest version of SSL protection technology.

Payments can be made with MasterCard or Visa cards that allow online payments.

With the payment realization, your payment card details are automatically saved in your MerrJep account. MerrJep.KOM DOOEL doesn’t have information about, neither has access to the details of your payment card. The payment card details are being securely saved by the bank system, according to the highest security standards. If you would like to remove your card from your MerrJep account, please click on “Settings” and select the option “Remove Card”.

Other Questions About Payment

Questions related to business payments

All the users that have ads that are profit or business-related should pay for using the website services. MerrJep gives you the opportunity to use the Platform for 3 (three) months free of charge from the first date of registration of the account at At the end of the three-month trial period, the prices for using the site are:

  • 300 Eur + 18% VAT (For the 6-months subscription)
  • 500 Eur / Yearly + 18% VAT (For the yearly subscription)

What do you get?

  • Sub-Domain on You will get a sub-website where you can add your products and services you sell/offer easily only by filling the ad registration form.
  • Ready Software Solution Ready developed software for registering the products and services you sell/offer.
  • Promotion and Visibility Your products and services will be visible to more than active 70 000 users /daily.
  • Customer Support Our specialized team is ready to help you anytime and to guide you in using the services.
  • SEO Optimization for your brand Your products and services will be more visible on Google Search Engine.


MerrJep only refunds advertising costs in the event of a technical error or manipulation caused by a third party. In other cases, a refund is not possible. If your ad violates the MerrJep Rules of Advertisement, you will be allowed to change and resubmit it for free. MerrJep reserves the right to decide when an ad violates the advertising rules.

MerrJep does not compensate for any financial damages caused to sellers or buyers as a result of their advertisement on MerrJep.

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