Settore AirMax 2G15-120

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Do you need a good sector antenna that’s easy on the pocket? Invest in Sector AirMax 2G15-120.

Compatibility with the other Networking Technologies

It is the goal of Ubiquiti to create a host of technologies that can be seamless integrated into one another, creating a superior-performing, reliable, scalable, and fast network. The Sector AirMax 2G15-120 is a sector antenna that is compatible with the Rocket devices, which can be transformed into base stations or central hubs for the entire network. In fact, the compatibility is so obvious that no additional and comprehensive tools have to be used in order to install the sector antenna. It easily snaps itself into place. There’s a pole mount included in the package to further secure the antenna.

Well Designed

The Sector AirMax 2G15-120 is a well-thought-out sector antenna with the present and future wireless and networking needs in mind. The research and development team behind it have worked with a lot of years working with different base station designs or topologies.

High Coverage

This sector antenna boasts of a gain that is around 15 to 16 dBi with a cross-polarization isolation score of at least 28 dB. This simply means that the quality of the Internet throughput remains pretty consistent even if the signal comes from a long distance or broadcasted in a remote location several meters away. It is also a dual-linear outdoor antenna that has an H pol beam width of 12.3 degrees, V pol beam width of 11.8 degrees, elevation beam width of 9 degrees, and electrical down tilt of 4 degrees.


The Sector AirMax 2G15-120 has a wind load of 160 mph, which means despite the strong winds, the connection can remain reliable. It also uses RF jumpers that are properly shielded to prevent anything that may cause interference or even damage to the device.
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