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Ćircom Ltd, one of the leading Opel dealer in Serbia, made a decision to sale one of our commercial real estates and land as a great price .

Do you have any investor who is willing to invest in Serbia and purchase our property?

The facility is located in Vrsac (Vojvodina/Serbia – close to Romanian border) at a very atractive location (just 100m from future motorway E70 Romania Serbia) , on land that is owned Ćircoma 1/1 - in the middle of a very populated.

The facility is ideal for multiple applications: automobile showroom, distribution centers, supermarkets, hypermarkets, furniture, flooring, technical goods, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, transportation, department stores ....

It has excellent access for the delivery of goods and within the company are excellent roads as well as ample parking space for visitors / customers (about 60 parking places) .

Real estate and complex include :

- Property in the area of ​​1,046 m2 (Expandable)
- Land (conversion is done) in an area of ​​5,328 m2
- Complete roads within the facility
- Parking space - open for approximately 40 vehicles
- Parking space - covered patio of lexan for about 20 vehicles
- External and internal CCTV
- The room (house) for physical and technical security, which is located at the entrance of the office complex

Position is a very attractive :

Close to Romanian border - about 15km
Close to future motorway E70 Serbia Romania – about 100m
Serbian capital city - Belgrade – 85km
Vojvodina capital city – Novi Sad – 140 km
Close to city airport 5km
Country airoport Nikola Tesla Belgrade 100km
Excellent location - Positioned at the intersection of major roads
Positioned on international road Vrsac - Vatin - Timisoara (Romania)
Broad and high-quality roads
External and internal CCTV
Separate entrance for vehicles and delivery of goods
Separate entrance for pedestrians

Without any additional investing in real estate, perfect condition and can immediately start working

Please find attached document , photos for offered property and land

We are available for talks and negotiations with all interested parties

Object can be seen every day - by prior arrangement

If you have any questions , do not hestitate to contact me

Best Regards

Fjodor Ćirić
Direktor prodaje vozila
Head of Sales department

Ćircom doo Export-Import
GSM (0)63 – 50.77.80
Phone (0)23 – 31.50.000
Email : fjodor.ciric@opelcircom.rs
Web : www.opelcircom.rs
Facebook : www.facebook.com/circom.doo
Skype : O..
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