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All Volvo Stern Drive models except Pre-1978 and SX and DPH

Do you have problems with barnacle and oyster growth?
Save Thousands of Dollars on Repairs to Volvo Stern Drives!!!

Historically, barnacles and oysters have been able to grow on the bellows of stern drives. The bellows houses universal joints, seals, shafts and bearings. There are several problems associated with marine growth on the bellows.

Barnacles and oysters are sharp. When they grow on the bellows, they can cut holes in it as the bellows move during normal operation.
If the bellows have been damaged by marine growth, water will enter the stern drive, resulting in internal damage to the mechanical components. There is a considerable cost to repair or replace the damaged components, and this could be as much as $2500.00.
The exterior mechanical components of the stern drive partially covers the bellows making cleaning them very difficult.

The Barnacle Busters Bellows Protector 'Stops' barnacles and oysters growing on the bellows.

The risk of damage to the bellows due to barnacle and oyster growth will be zero!

This will save you the inconvenience, not to mention the cost of repairs to your stern drive due to water ingress.

By using a Barnacles Busters Bellows Protector, the bellows will no longer require cleaning at all and your bellows will remain protected between haul outs and servicing.

We do recommend that a new Barnacle Busters Bellows Protector is replaced during routine servicing.
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