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Komuna: Tiranë
Sektori : Teknologji informative
TSS in collaboration with nsoftware are looking for programmers in Albania. Anyone who's a quick learner and thinks he/she can rock in programming is welcome.

Knowledge required:
- Proven experience in programming, preferably with C# and/or JAVA(i.e. a complex university project or a hard algorithm implementation will do if you are a student)
- Preferably, experience with Microsoft Office Component development(i.e. create a button in Excel toolbar that when you click it, it encrypts the current sheet and posts the data to GoogleDrive)

- Competitive salary
- In terms of career development, you will have the chance to work with complex projects(no company in Albania does this kind of development) and build world class programming experience
- Career progression based on merit, not tenure
- Free meal plans :)
- Bonuses for our employees which makes us a nice place to be

More info at:
Requests goto:

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